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As a full service Land Planning and Landscape Architecture firm, JCR Consulting has built a foundation of experience by providing a wide range of services within each specific area of their practice. During the past 10 years, the firm has completed more than 400 projects throughout Florida. JCR has provided their services as either a prime consultant, or as sub-consultant, on both private land development projects and government infrastructure improvements.

JCR has directly provided individual land owners and developers with both planning and landscape architectural services, as well as through sub-contract agreements with architects, civil engineers, design-build contractors, and general contractors. The firm has also assisted attorneys specialized in eminent domain, land use, and real estate law to complete land planning elements on existing raw land and previously developed commercial properties.

The firm has provided similar services for a number of governmental projects in Florida. In 10 years, JCR has provided their services on projects such as new and expanded municipal buildings, recreational facilities, roadways, water and wastewater utilities, as well as the redevelopment of urban areas. The agencies that JCR has provided their services to have included the Florida Department of Agriculture, Florida Department of Transportation, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, Orlando Utility Commission. Additionally, the firm has served several Florida counties and municipalities.