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In today's active social environment, public involvement has become an essential element of both public and private projects. The underlying success of all public involvement campaigns depends greatly on establishing and honoring the public trust. From individual citizen involvement to development of programs to inform regional stakeholder groups, it is imperative that unique strategies and programs are conceived for each individual project to ensure positive public acceptance. Among the many characteristics of a successful campaign are: conducting research to identify all potential groups that may be affected or interested in the project; development of a consistent and truthful message disclosing crucial project information; creating sound communication strategies to disseminate information to all interested citizens and stakeholder groups; and evaluating the implemented program to determine its effectiveness.

JCR Consulting has provided a full range of support services focused on assisting private development clients and governmental organizations with implementing pro-active programs. The firm has counseled clients and provided feedback regarding approaches to specific projects and programs. Services range from writing press releases to developing extensive programs encompassing all aspects of public relations.

Areas of Expertise:

bulletPublic Relation Plans/Strategies
bulletPublic Involvement/Education Programs
bulletMedia Relations & Strategies
bulletPress Releases
bulletInterview Coordination/Coaching
bulletArticle Development
bulletPrinted Materials
bulletMulti-media Presentations
bulletEvent/Meeting Coordination
bulletStill Photography