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Licenses & Certifications

Registered Landscape Architect in Florida

Joan Cerretti-Randolph, ASLA, Principal Planner and Landscape Architect at JCR Consulting has been a Registered Landscape Architect in Florida since 1979. Ms Randolph formed the firm in 1993 and has continually maintained her personal involvement in every aspect of the projects completed by JCR Consulting. She began her career as an Engineering Technician in Iowa. After relocating to Orlando with a national civil engineering firm, Ms Randolph continued her college education and in 1979 earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Landscape Architecture.


Florida Department of Transportation

JCR Consulting has been "Technically Qualified" by FDOT to provide Group 15 design services (Landscape Architecture) since 1993. The firm is also a certified Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) company with FDOT.



Certified Women Business Enterprise

Since 1993 JCR Consulting has continually been certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) by both the City of Orlando and Orange County, Florida.




Certified Minority Business Enterprise

The state of Florida Department of Management Services has certified the firm as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Alachua County has also recognized  JCR Consulting as an MBE firm.



Advanced Certified - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Ms. Randolph has been Advanced Certified in "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design" (CPTED) since 1997. She attended the week-long course provided by the Florida Attorney General's Office, and she has implemented CPTED principals on both public and private design projects.

Site safety and security is becoming a regular topic during the conceptual design phase of many development projects around the state. In response, the state of Florida Attorney General's Office has been working to bring together designers, planners and law enforcement officials to educate them on the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). The week long advanced curriculum discusses in detail good design practices that can eliminate opportunity areas for criminal activity to occur. By incorporating these principles up front into the design, site safety and security is elevated without impacting the visual or functional elements of the area or structure.

 JCR is advanced certified in CPTED and has implemented many of the concepts and principles when planning a site or preparing landscape design plans. Landscape elements that have been successfully used include changing lighting height, better placement of canopy trees to prevent deep shadow areas, lowering shrub heights to eliminate hiding areas, and providing for better visibility through landscaped areas that are intended to provide buffering of adjacent properties. Working in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies has been the first step in defining trends or problems that can be countered through proper design.



1999 Florida Planning & Zoning Association "Outstanding Public Project."

JCR Consulting was recognized for their contributions to a stormwater improvement project within Mount Dora's Gilbert Park. The project entailed the conversion of an open drainage ditch into a "Babbling Brook" named Alexander Creek. JCR's work consisted of planning and design of the hardscape, landscape and irrigation. The hardscape encompassed the design of a creek bed that emulated a natural environment and included a concrete base with imbedded river rock and Florida field stone, strategically placed ponds with weir structures to provide attenuation and a desired level of water noise, facade treatments applied to the bridge and outfall structures, and paved walkways. The landscape consisted of six individual gardens to highlight and educate visitors about specific varieties of plant material in Central Florida.


Professional Associations

JCR's staff is actively involved with several professional organizations and have held leadership positions in the local chapters and on state boards.

bulletAmerican Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
bulletAmerican Planning Association (APA)
bulletAssociation Eminent Domain Professionals (AEDP)
bulletFlorida Planning and Zoning Association (FPZA)
bulletWoman's Transportation Seminar (WTS)
bulletAmerican Institute of Architects (AIA)
bulletSociety of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)
bulletFlorida Public Relations Association (FPRA)